Urgent message from SKYPE

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Urgent message from SKYPE

We keep getting an urgent message purportedly from SKYPE directing us to HELTLM.COM to perform needed maintenance. When we search for the address our browser doesn't recognize it. Is this someone else posing as SKYPE? If not, how do we run maintenance?



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Re: Urgent message from SKYPE

Hi, GDahl, and welcome to the Community,


Don't!  This is a scam and phishing scheme circulating around the internet with a Skype spin on it.  Block and Report as Abuse if these notices arrive via Skype, and banish to your e-mail black list if they arrive via e-mail.  The problem with these is simply this: while the title or subject stays the same, the underlying sender information keeps mutating.


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Re: Urgent message from SKYPE

thank u!!!!
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