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Skype account hacked - for sure - DO NOT USE AUTOMATED TOP-UPS!!!

My Skype account, which I rarely use, was hacked yesterday. The account was blocked by Skype as suspected unauthorised use, and the credit card information for automatic top-ups was out of date.


Whoever it was made a call for 7€ or so to Ghana. The account was then reduced to 0.15€, and the call apparently ended


Although the Skype chat person aknowledged that the account had indeed been hacked, Skype refused to credit me with the amount as per their terms and conditions 10.2 apparently - they refused to beleive me, although it is the first time in 10 years or so that I have ever made a claim. Make sense of that if you can! They also refused to put the remaining balance on another Skype account. I will not starve for the sake of 7€, and I told the online chat person that they could keep the 0.15€.


It's not worth time and effort to chase this (Microsoft relies on this to make more money) - so buyer - that's maybe you, beware! If you do business with Skype, you risk losing money at no fault of your own.


DO NOT USE SKYPE TOP-UPS! It could have cost me a lot more than 7€.



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Re: Skype account hacked - for sure - DO NOT USE AUTOMATED TOP-UPS!!!

My account got hacked today. Watching the balance dropping in front of my eyes while I was not making any calls was really spooky! They added a contact to my list, set up Call Forward, and all the calls were forwarded to a Serbia mobile. Even got calls from the contact a few times and it was dead silence when I answered. Promptly changed my password, removed that ghost contact, disabled the call forwarding and removed the Serbia number being forwarded to. Reported to customer service but have not heard anything. I requested my bank to dispute the 100Euro as fraudulent charges and they are investigating….they also put a protection to the card so that there won’t be new charges. But I won’t be able to use the card for the time being… When I googled hacked Skype, I was shocked to see so many people had similar experiences for years and it seems to be skype’s security flaw to blame. I will tell all my friends to watch out and consider dropping Skype as I will. If Skype does not care about protecting their customers, they should not worry about going out of business either, which they will if they continue to act so cold.
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Re: Skype account hacked - for sure - DO NOT USE AUTOMATED TOP-UPS!!!

Same here.. someone from UK hacked my skype and repeats only "sex camera".. i have noo idea what to do cuz he changed my pass and e-mail and then changed the pass of my e-mail.. :X
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