Re: Random calls I didn't make.

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Re: Random calls I didn't make.

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I just got a mysterious call, but whenever I came back, it ended. I hope this is fixed soon. It freaked me out, but I'm not alone. My friend also got one. I'm using the most up to date skype, having updated it just recently.

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Re: Random calls I didn't make.

Y(Our) Skype is possessed.

Where is a priest when you need one?

Seriously.. My skype always appears online and I've gotten used to that but now it started making random calls when my laptop wasn't even on and this is creepy.

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Re: Random calls I didn't make.

I beg to differ on harm caused. I have received more than 2 calls from attractive women with their profile girlfriend saw these in the midst of an already shaky relationship...Needless to say....she's gone
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Re: Random calls I didn't make.

Thread (topic) now closed; it has wandered too far away from the original poster's topic.

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