Malware in my Skype Advertisements

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Malware in my Skype Advertisements

Recently, the program that I use to block Malware (which is excellent btw)

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free, has blocked advertisements

on my skype, due to being reported as "Malware". Also I notice after the advertisement gets blocked, I go look to see what the Ad was but it contains an empty blank ad with no writing on it, however, I can't actually remove that ad from skype by clicking on the X mark. If I do research and find that Skype does allow Malware in their advertisement I shall be using another product such as Google Talk, or an array of other programs on the net in replace of Skype. I think that companies such as Skype have a reputation to consider in terms of keeping customers by not having advertisements that contain Malware. And if not, then at least Skype should put a warning on their website "Skype supports Advertisement that contains Malware" and then consumers may make informed choices

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Re: Malware in my Skype Advertisements

Hello Kate832,

Could you let us know the name of the Company (Companies) which was advertising?

Thank you.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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Re: Malware in my Skype Advertisements

I just had an ad pop up in my Skype window telling me about a chance to win an iPhone 5 (congratulations to me... right)  Yes, button, No button, "X" to close the window all send me to a website.  How about doing a better job of screening your advertisers.  The website in the bottom of the malware link (or ad if you want to call it that) is


Seriously... screen this crap.

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Re: Malware in my Skype Advertisements

I too have had a strange ad problem. An ad (skype banner and all) popped up on the bottom right corner, and asked me to get this 3d chat thing. I clicked the x and it took me to a... Adult Game Chat Site. 


I was not amused. I have an ad blocker running on my browser (So no ads can get through, especially ones as obtrusive as that one was.)


Not to mention my security programs are up to date so... The only program it could have been was skype. 

I was so disgusted by it I immediately closed it, cleared my browser history and am tempted to uninstall skype permanently.  


I should note that the banner had some generic name that means it kept itself unobtrusive.

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malware in skype

If nothing else, you are absolutely correct about one thing: that being if Skype allows malware in their advertisements, I will be moving on down the road also. I don't understand the point. Why would they even want that irritating **bleep** to get to their clientelle?

I have been continually and consistently getting a PUP.option 'bug', or several, everytime I open skype. Not immediately, and it seems as it wait for me to go to another page or to minimize the skype window. The next thing I know, my cursor acts like a drunk monkey on crack.

To my knowledge, it does no harm, at least for the short period it's on there as I eventually remove it with my anti-malware program. (which I think has updated itsaelf to catch it before it starts going gonzo.) But it's a pain in the ass.

Has anyone notified skype of the problem? And if so, what is their answer? (if no answer, then skype is the culprit) 

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