FRAUD!!! My bank account has been hacked,

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FRAUD!!! My bank account has been hacked,

My bank account has been hacked, and someone in Sweden used my bank card several times - after I have loaded my skype account on your web site! (I live in Hungary:happy:

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Re: FRAUD!!! My bank account has been hacked,

I think in your case, you may need to contact your bank first as it is the one that has been hacked and not your Skype account.




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Re: FRAUD!!! My bank account has been hacked,

Hello, I hope you could solve your problem.

Hello. This is my last resource in order to try to solve my problem. Someone invaded my account and robbed my bank data. I made all the procedures: I changed my data, my password, and sent an email to skype saying what happened and that I was suspecting any problem. The company ignored me. And the results were 80 euros robbed from my bank account. The banking insurance does not cover this issue, because it recognizes that it is not a problem of its system's insecurity and states that the safety problem is from Skype. It was 4 months ago and since then I have tried patiently to recover damages caused by the company and the person who attended me doesn´t have the minimum interest in resolving my case. One of the numbers of reference of my case is SRX1221705257ID. The skype has how to know the IP address that accessed to get into my account and steal my personal data, as well as knowing which user made purchases with my bank card. I demand a solution for my case. It's been four months that my problem is not even looked at. I want my money back and a reward for so many moral and financial damage. Awaiting for your return soon, Thanks Marcela
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Re: FRAUD!!! My bank account has been hacked,

Hi Marcela,


when did you reach out to Skype support? you usually should receive a reply within 24h. If that's not the case please check here:

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Re: FRAUD!!! My bank account has been hacked,

I received unimportant answers from skype without resolving my case . Skype has tools to know the IP direction when someone invaded my account and changed my email and Skype has tools to how the user that purchased skype with my bank card. The person who answer me by email, Mr Paulo Ponte, one of the references number  (SRX1221705257ID) simply ignore my emails answering me on how I should proceed with the security of my internet access and putting on me the responsability for what heppened. 

Honestly , I know all my responsibilities as a user, but skype does not assume its responsibility. I took all the care and guarantee that no fault was mine. The Skype can also make sure it was not my fault, making an analysis of the data I asked. Someone invaded my account, changed my email, stole data from my bank card, made purchases in Skypeon whit my bank card. It was one of your users. I've been patiently asking for solution for 4 mounths, to be reimbursed and to skype assume its responsibility ,to tell me the IP when another person invaded my account , to tell me the user who made purchases on Skype with my card.

Can you please be informed about all my contacts and the emaisl historial? I would like to be attended and to have my problem solved.

Awaiting for your answer,


Claudius wrote:

Hi Marcela,


when did you reach out to Skype support? you usually should receive a reply within 24h. If that's not the case please check here:

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Re: FRAUD!!! My bank account has been hacked,

Since Feb. 21, when I wrote this post here, it seemed that the professional who was in contact with me 4 months ago, started to work in my case. Finally he asked me card number and bank statement for any analysis. Just right now, this professional wrote me that the suspected user account has been locked and guided me to block my bank card. What kind of consumer treatment it this? Do I look stupid or mentally limited? Does the company judge that this answer is enough for a client? After 4 months patiently trying to recover what is mine and stole me?


I ask for a responsible professional who can treat my case and definitively solve my problem. Since the first e-mails I'm asking for IP number of the computer that broke into my Skype account and the user name who made unauthorized purchases with my bank card. Does Skype not know that this is a robbery, that I was the victim of a crime facilitated by the insecurity of the company?
Another thing I require is to be compensated with the values that was robbed and to be indemnified by many consequences produced with this fact during these 4 months.

The negligence of the company is unacceptable and the company is not giving me any other alternative but to judicially prosecute it.

Awaiting for your repply as soon as possible. 

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Re: FRAUD!!! My bank account has been hacked,

Dear Marcela,


I appreciate the situation you find yourself in; one of my family members suffered identity theft -- twice.  Moreover, I am equally sorry that apparently not may not have seen my posts on this message board regarding fraud and identity theft, as your report is not dissimilar to others. 


Please recall our Community Guidelines remind us the Community is not a branch of Skype Customer Service, and while we are grateful for the Skype staff who do participate, we are principally Skype users helping other Skype users.  We here in the Community are not authorized to access Skype accountholder data; we do not have the tools to resolve these types of issues.  That said, please permit me opportunity to provide a few recommendations:


You do not mention in your posts that you have reported the fraudulent use of your payment method to the issuer of the payment method.  In the United States, if a report is filed timely (some credit cards and banks require a shorter timeframe than others), most accountholders are not held liable for fraudulent purchases, in other words, purchases which they did not authorize.  If you use the services of a third-party payment processor, such as PayPal, you would do well to alert that firm as well.


Have you filed a report with your local law enforcement agency?  Skype does not become involved nor release IP addresses or any other information except to police or other officials for investigative purposes.  The police have the means and methods required to file a request for information with Skype via official  channels.


For any payment method account which has been compromised, I believe it is standard procedure to cancel that account number and to open a new account.  This is not bad advice at all, and is intended for your protection and to proactively prevent further incidents from occurring! 


You will see in my signature block, below, several articles related to devising robust passwords and avoiding account "hacks."  Further, millions of people had their credit card and other sensitive data stolen over the recent holiday season; I mention this only to point out that account compromise is an industry-wide problem, both for consumers as well as for retail and other service providers.


For the avoidance of any doubt, I am neither a certified accountant nor an attorney.


Best regards,


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