Dating/Romance Scam Report: garryrobison4

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Dating/Romance Scam Report: garryrobison4

I am writing to report a user who is currently impersonating a highly decorated, retired military officer, Major-General Garry Robison.  This scammer, whose Skype name is garryrobison4, contacted my partner's mother on Skype several months ago, and he has been scamming her ever since.  We have recently found out that he has convinced her to send him a large sum of money in Afghanistan, claiming that he could not access the funds in his bank account and that once he regained access to his funds, he would move to her country of residence to marry her.  Major-General Robison has a Wikipedia page which states that he began working for Bechtel in 2011.  I wrote a letter to this company and made contact with the real Garry Robison, who assures me that the man who contacted my partner's mother on Skype is using his identity fraudulently.  This man is using Garry's respectful career and prestige to give his scam more credibility; he is preying upon elderly, vulnerable women.  I have already submitted a report to "The Orb" as well as Consumer Affairs, and I have contacted, who have removed this user's profile from their website.  I would kindly ask that Skype also remove this member, so that he cannot continue to scam innocent people using Garry's name.  I would also like to warn people to block and report this person if he attempts to make contact.  Thanks.

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Re: Dating/Romance Scam Report: garryrobison4

Hi, Rusalka83, and welcome to the Community,


Thank you for your report.  To ensure Skype is alerted as well, please copy and paste what you have reported here and file with Skype Customer Service; here are the instructions to do so: contact customer service


I would also recommend that the person who was taken advantage of by this scammer contact their local law enforcement agency to seek their advice.  Please remind this person to Block and Report as Abuse every time this or any other unknown, unrecognized contact request is received so Skype is alerted.


Best regards,




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