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Please delete my account. Thank you, Diktum. because i dont want to use my email again

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Hello! Please delete my account on Skype. Thank you.

What you problem??? Why do not you deleted my account it still?!!!

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please delete my account

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Dear Readers,


Please see my posts, numbers 13 and 17, in this thread (topic), on the previous pages.


No, we here in the Community can not delete Skype accounts.   Our Community Guidelines remind us that this Community does not serve as a branch of Skype Customer Service.




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Please note:   To remove (delete) a Skype Account, you must contact Skype Customer Service directly. We here in the Community cannot process account-related service requests.

Trustworthy information: Brian Krebs: 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety and Consumer Reports: Guide to Internet Security

Online Safety Tips: Do not accept contact invitations from anyone whom you do not know, and change your passwords regularly and often.

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Please delete my account

Please delete account [Removed for privacy]

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PLease delete my account [Removed for privacy]

i deleted my account because its always online even i sign out both in my skype pc and mobile skype.

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I just read your taking requests here to delete accounts. 

I'd like mine deleted as well. 


I have contacted support by e-mail and have tried to chat with support.

Nobody answers at either one. I've been trying for two months now, too. 


Hopefully, next year, you all will decide to make a delete option or least deactivate option on user accounts. There used to be an option to keep your handle out from the directory.  I don't know why that was removed. 



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Deactivate my account

[ Edited ]

Good day, i would to have my skype account deactivated due to privacy concerns, can you please tell me how or help me out? [Mod edit: Please do not include personal/private information when making a public post. Thanks!]

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Re: Deactivate my account

If you want to remove your Skype Name from the Skype directory, you need to contact our Skype Customer Service. It may take up to two weeks to remove your name from the directory.


  1. Go to the Support request page.
  2. Select the topic you need help with and the problem you’re experiencing. Some information that might help with your problem is displayed.
  3. click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. Then click on Text Chat Support.


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Want to delete my skype account

[ Edited ]

I have two skype accounta so i want to delete one of them so please delete it

   the skype name is "[Removed for privacy]" plz delete it ................

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