Change me skype display name

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Change me skype display name

I really want to know how to change my display name in skype community such that it is different from my Skype ID i.e thompson_lau

Appreciate for your help

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Re: Change me skype display name

This does not work!!! Please, Skype, update your HELP pages!!!!!


I sign in and there is no "Skype" menu... so I can go to Profile ---> Edit Profile.


So... this should be a simple question... How do you change your Display Name???? I don't want it the same as my Skype Name!!


Please please please... I'm just about done with Skype!

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Re: Change me skype display name

Hi ...Did anybody help you with changing the display name? I have the same problem ... thanks! mjw
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Re: Change me skype display name

[ Edited ]

I am a bit confused ... the link TheUberOverLord provided, above, includes this instruction which is accurate:


You can change your display name without creating a new account. This is the name that you see when you’re on Skype, and is displayed in your friends’ contact lists, when you call someone on Skype, and in the message area when you have an IM conversation*. To change your display name:

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. In the menu bar, click Skype > Profile > Edit Your Profile….
  3. At the top of the Profile tab, next to Full name, click your name. An edit box is displayed.
  4. Type the display name you want to use and click the tick icon [Elaine note: also known as a check mark]. Your name is changed.

*Your friends can change the way your name is displayed in their Skype, so the display name you see for yourself isn’t necessarily the one they see for you. You can also change a contact’s name: just right-click on it in your contact list and choose Rename. This only changes the name in your Skype, not theirs.

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Re: Change me skype display name

does your problem solved?

if not try to download latest skype
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Re: Change me skype display name

This the complate step:


My skype version

Skype version.png













Edit profile (menu)


Edit profile (editor)

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