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Block Account / Report Abuse -- Avoiding closing account.

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My friend has informed me that some group of people (whom I don't even know) are going to mass block and "report abuse" my skype account.
Is that possible, that if there is enough people, they can even block/close my skype account?
And if it is, can I avoid this block? Because it's very valuable account for me, I have it more than 2 years, and a lot of people know me by this nickname.

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Re: Block Account / Report Abuse -- Avoiding closing account.

Thank you for ignoring me!

My account was blocked on a new year eve. What a nice present!

I had premium account and some credits..


Quote[Support]: In accordance with paragraph 11.2 of the Skype Terms of Use we have terminated your right to use the Skype software, and have prevented any further access to your Skype account. This is because you are in breach of paragraph 6.3 (c) of the Terms of Use which prohibits the use of the Skype software to send unsolicited communications. Any Skype Credit that was in your account is non-refundable.

Quote[Support (lastest message)]: Unfortunately, as we have explained to you before, it is not possible to restore your Skype account. We have applied these restrictions to protect Skype users.

Okay, thank you for protecting my family members and my friends from me.

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