A DDos'er using skype names

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A DDos'er using skype names

  Hi and I would lke to start off by saying there is a member of skype who uses peoples skype name to ddos them and kick them off the net temporarily. His skype profile name is sylfaen11, I know for a fact cause he openly admit he has done it to me twice and I have seen him do it to other when I used to be friends with him.  And once again his name is sterling chandler, and profile name sylfaen11. And he even told that he uses there skype names in order to kick them off the net.

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Re: A DDos'er using skype names

Probably another script kiddie with a booter. If the atacks happen again, call your isp and they can block the ips that are flooding your router. The only advice I can give is to use a vpn or proxy through skype, as skype has a HUGE security hole where anyone can resolve your ip address through your skype name.

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