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Re: Skype charges



You guys obviously deal with ID10T's on a daily basis. Let me assure you;

1) I know all about SKYPE's services and what they use to charge for and what not.

2) I obviously know that I have to install the APP first, how else would I have received the message

3) None of your comments (Although I appreciate that I am getting some response) are helping what I believe to be a problem with either Both my and my wife's account (less likely) or an Issue with the the APP itself in conjunctions with OS X version i am running.


So if the latter is the case, how do I resolve it? 

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Re: Skype charges

I completely understand.  I am not new to Skype. I use it for my non-apple friends.  I have to walk them through it because it is not as simple as clicking facetime call button on apple.. smiles.. BUT all of sudden several of my friends are stuck in a loop that skype appears to be demanding a payment.. whatever.. I have spent eough time on this today.. Skype is now hated in this house-hold for the day.. tomorrow is another day.. 


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Re: Skype charges

Microsoft now own Skype.


If you want to make a video call to anothert Skyp[e user, then you will have to cop adverts coming on the screen, covering up the face of the person you are talking with.


I tried it the other day and had an advert for Medibank (Australia) in the center of the screen.


Try VSee. It;s free if you use it only once per day,It uses less bandwidth and has better video and souind than Skype.


Just Google Vsee



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