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Skype URL from longer works

Hi... I used to have my website linked to my Skpe URL attached to the front of my website so callers internationally could call me via Skype with ease.  It was fully operational & people could simply add me to their contact list. The icon is a Skype Icon that is cohesive my website & the URL is no longer fucntioning.  Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? 


Originally when I spent several hours looking for my Skype URL.. the easy was instrumental in helping me identify what my Skype URL is..the website I now receive a msg "Website Disabled."  If somone has managed to overcome this without needing to break into html & disrupt the layout of my website... would you please share? I would be grateful for your help!  Thanks! 

Kathy Smith, Realtor®
Contigo Realty
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E- Fax: (602) 680-5507
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Re: Skype URL from longer works

Hi Kathy,


Please have a look at this page to create modern Skype buttons:

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Re: Skype URL from longer works

Try skype://yourSkypeName. I just tried it on my ipad...entered the url in Safari and it auto opened skype and a window popped up asking to place the call. Note: if the user doesnt have skype installed on their computer, they will see a "The address wasnt understood" error, because the skype protocol has to be associated with a program (skype).

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Re: Skype URL from longer works

I tried doing that for YouTube (under the 'About' tab), but it still will not work for some reason....

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