How to disable Skype's telephony features

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How to disable Skype's telephony features

I am a skype user and a user of a corporate CTI application. Since installing skype, skype has hijacked all callto: links. this means that the corporate CTI application now has limited use, as it never gets the callto: action


Skype has also replaced the right-click context menu for all callto: links. This means I can't copy the phone number and paste it into the CTI application.


Skype Click-to-call is uninstalled.


I would really like Skype to be my IM and not invade everything else. Is this possible?


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Re: How to disable Skype's telephony features

I have the same problem as well. It's very annoying.
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Re: How to disable Skype's telephony features

Hi, Jay370gt, adn welcome to the Community!


Please check that these settings are also un-ticked:

Tools -> Options -> Adcanced -> Use Skype to Call To Links on the Web -> Save.


That should do it!


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Re: How to disable Skype's telephony features

I'm having a similar issue, Skype has turned all my telephone links on my website into Skype links. 


I have no "Tools"...."Advanced" option to get to the previous posters suggestions. My advanced ption is under Preferences and there's nothing in any of the tables or options relating to the web. I'm on the most recent version of Skype.


Anyone know what I can do to turn off the Skype links?

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