Re: "Skype on Three" on Blackberry Curve 9300

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"Skype on Three" on Blackberry Curve 9300

Hello everybody,


Some days ago I've bought a Blackberry Curve 9300, according to the Three website, it's a compatible model with Skype on Three. Skype on Three is a special version of Skype with data traffic for free, and Skype calls redirected as voice calls.


Once I've bough the device, I've downloaded Skype on Three at the Three page and installed it.


When I run the Skype application, it fails with this error message: "Failed to connect to Skype server". Should I configure it or download another version?


I've called to Three and nobody helps me. Before I've bought it, everybody told me it was compatible with Skype indeed. I do need Skype for international calls, and I would like to do it like I used to with my other mobile phone and "Skype on Three"


You are my last hope, please... Could someone help me to make "Skype on Three" works on my Blackberry Curve 9300?


Thanks a lot