Skype on Video Kinect on XBOX 360?

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Skype on Video Kinect on XBOX 360?

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We use messenger and Xbox Kinect camera for video calls. Since Messenger was discontinued or whatever, is it possible to use Skype on Video Kinect? 

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XBox 360

We need skype for XBox 360


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Re: XBox 360

Waiting for a response...

This could be a major feature for the xbox, please announce something!

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Re: XBox 360

Can I use my existing cam and microphone with the new Skype if it cones to Xbox 360?
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I am deeply disappointed to know that I can't use Skype on my new XBOX 360.

Tough it is not directly skype's problem, there must be a solution and MS and skype should do something together.



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Re: XBOX 360????

Yes, please! C'mon.

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Re: Skype on Video Kinect on XBOX 360?

Xbox One will feature a Skype app this November. More information here:


A Skype application for the Xbox 360 has not been announced yet.

Please always include as many details as possible: Operating system, Skype version, screenshots...
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Re: Skype on Video Kinect on XBOX 360?

Muss ich skype aus dem internet auf die Xbox 360 herunterladem 

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Re: Skype on Video Kinect on XBOX 360?

What the owners of xbox360 should.....scrap it and buy xbox1?
MS has to do business by providing comfort to its customers not by providing inconvenience..
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Re: Skype on Video Kinect on XBOX 360?

I really hope we do get a Skype for XBox 360 app. We bought ours right before the XBox One was announced and I don't want to feel like our new machine is already obsolete!

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