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We're looking for Volunteer Community Moderators!

by Staff Moderator Staff Moderator on ‎26-06-2013 11:58 - last edited on ‎03-07-2013 14:33 by Community Manager Community Manager

As I promised a while ago in my article, we will now start looking for a volunteer moderators to help us out with our growing Community.


What we are looking for? Who is eligible to become a Moderator?


We will happily accept all applications, but ideally candidate should meet these 2 criteria:


  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You have been active in the community for at least 6 months.


To be clear: moderators volunteer their personal time and share their considerable knowledge and experience with the community. They are not working for Skype, the don’t get paid and they are donating their time to make the Community more successful.


What permissions do Moderators get?  


We created three different moderator groups and granted them limited permissions. Levels are given based on moderator’s experience, quality of answers and time spent on the community.


Do you need more details? Read my previous post :happy:


Why should you apply?


And why not you? :happy: Isn’t that a fun to think about having all the power? Imagine being able to edit posts, remove inapproproate information and ban users...Fun!!!

But let’s not forget about the real point of being a moderator is making sure that users are having a good time.


We asked our beloved moderator, Elaine about her engagement in the Community and that’s what she said:


“I started with the Community observing from the side-lines, and started answering questions when I realized I could really help people.  My commitment to the Community grew when I was invited to be a Super User; now as a Community Moderator, I consider it a privilege being able to help fellow Skype users learn how Skype works and to help ensure their Community visits are fun and safe.  Being a part of this Community is rewarding and challenging, and being focused on helping people makes it worthwhile.”


How to apply?


If you think that you have what it takes, send a PM to Claudius with a „Volunteer Moderator - Application“ in the subject line.


Include a couple of sentences describing your motivation to become a moderator and why you think you would be a good one.


Volunteer today, and fill your tomorrows with excitement, learning and fun!


We look forward to hearing from you all!



Thanks for your applications so far. We will be taking the first batch of application until end of July 2013 and review them after that date.

by Hassham.farooqi on ‎27-06-2013 21:15

ill be.


by jantangkere on ‎29-06-2013 02:51

How do I share with my poor gramatical engglish???

by theobvrigionaki on ‎29-06-2013 06:13


by chiadulta6397 on ‎30-06-2013 10:27


by aikido on ‎30-06-2013 19:15

Gelukkige tweede verjaardag van aikido306!!!!!

by Ajsha28 on ‎30-06-2013 19:49



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