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Wanted: Your Skype for Windows Desktop ideas

by Community Manager Community Manager ‎22-01-2014 09:37 - edited ‎22-01-2014 09:37 (3,244 Views)

We have just launched a new Windows Desktop Client idea board to let you all share and exchange your ideas on how to improve and develop Skype for Windows desktop client.


A few months ago we started asking for your ideas on improving Skype for Windows phone. Since then we have received over 60 great submissions. Thanks a lot for those. One idea already made it into the client in the most recent update with a few more in the pipeline to be implemented over the course of the next months. 


Thanks to this success we are confident to expand this community ideation to Skype for Windows desktop as well. The goal is to allow our product teams have your voice feeding into prioritization of our development items. This does not mean that the top idea will be shipping in the next update, but it will receive more attention through our product team. The more detailed and supported through actual user scenario descriptions your idea is, the more likely it is to be looked at more closely.


Skype community members from the ideation team will review your ideas and might ask for more details via comments, so be sure to check back regularly. Also before you start sharing your ideas, make sure you read our idea guidelines to help you get started.

by Betty.Gregory on ‎28-01-2014 00:50

Skype is the most user-UNfriendly software I have tried to use since the days of DOS.

by JemiloII on ‎30-01-2014 05:46

I simply would like to see the ads go away. I canceled my Skype Subscription after seeing the ads. I do not support ads for a product with paying customers. I'll just use google hangouts, adblockplus blocks any google ads.

by loomadeven.pgnl on ‎31-01-2014 15:27

when i can comunicated in skype

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