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Under a Spell – Autocorrect Tips for Skype

by WiktorO on ‎02-04-2014 15:11 (1,533 Views)

New release means new features! The most recent version of Skype for Windows Desktop enables you to use the spellcheck and autocorrect features of Windows 8 for your Skype instant messages.


Today, I’m going to give you some tips on how to edit your messages, turning these features on and off and adding new input languages.


The quickest way to edit your last message


This one is easy – to edit your last message, simply press the up arrow on your keyboard. This should come in handy for the people who press the send button too quickly and do not notice spellcheck suggestions!


If you want to just delete the message you sent, check out this post from earlier this year.


How to change Windows’ spellcheck and autocorrect settings


Spellcheck and autocorrect are independent of one another so you can have one turned off while the other one is active.


To toggle autocorrect or spellcheck:


  • Open the charms with Win+C or by swiping from the right.
  • Go to Settings > PC Settings.
  • Select PC and devices > Typing.
  • Move the sliders for the feature you want to change.
  • Go back to Skype for Windows and hit Ctrl+W to retrun to Skype home and apply the changes.


Adding and switching quickly between input languages


Spellcheck and autocorrect features work in multiple languages, but firstly you will need to add your languages.


To add a new language:


  • Go to the start screen and start typing add a language to this device. Select this item when it appears in the search results.
  • Click +Add a language and select the language you’d like to add.


To switch between input languages, press Win+Space or tap the button on your onscreen keyboard.



How many languages are you having conversations in? Share the number with us on the Skype for Modern Windows board! 

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