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The One Guide for Skype on Xbox One

by WiktorO on ‎10-12-2013 10:38 (1,216 Views)

We obviously can’t cover every single topic related to Skype on Xbox One in this post, but we can give you an introduction to the most basic functions that will let you enjoy this new way of using Skype.


How to sign into Skype on Xbox One

If you have already linked the Microsoft Account that you use to sing into your Xbox one with Skype, then all you have to do is sign in and confirm your account.

If you still need to link your Skype account, then here’s a handy guide to linking your Skype and Microsoft accounts on Xbox One.

If you’ve already linked you Skype account with a different Microsoft account, you can unlink them by signing into your Skype account. Then you can use the guide above to link it to the Microsoft account you use on your Xbox One.

Finally, if you don’t have a Skype account at all (really?!), use this handy guide to sign up for Skype on Xbox One.


Now that you are all signed in and ready to go, there are three things that you might want to do.

If you have been a Skype user for a while and have a few contacts, you will probably want to get calling and chatting straight away.

If you have just started using Skype, you might want to start with adding a few contacts.

Either way, the place to go for more information is this post on our blog. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, then give the Xbox One support website a shot.

If you are completely lost and you can’t find help anywhere, then the Skype Community is the place to post your questions :wink:  

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