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Skype Loves Bringing Groups Together – With FREE Group Video Calling

by Community Manager Community Manager ‎28-04-2014 14:13 - edited ‎28-04-2014 20:53 (50,954 Views)

(This is a guest post by Phillip Snalune)


When not in the office at Skype, I’m part of a cycling team with a group of four local friends. We’re training for a coast-to-coast charity cycling event but spend our weeks in disparate parts of the world on business. As planning for our training days is a challenge, we often rely on Skype Group video calls (GVC) to stay connected. Now that Skype Group video calling is available to everyone, free of charge, it makes our group conversations even easier!

Group video calling enables so many important shared experiences, like our cycling team’s regular training check-ins and catch-ups.




Skype is proud that, since our beginning, we’ve created opportunities for people to communicate freely and easily, no matter where they are; from keeping in touch with remote family members or calling home when travelling to chatting daily with your close circles of friends. Whilst Skype is known for 1:1 video calling, we know it’s also essential to connect with the groups of people who matter most, whether friends, family or colleagues.


For the last few years, we’ve offered Group video calling to Premium users on Windows desktop and Mac and more recently Xbox One. Today, we're excited to announce that we’re making Group video calling free - for all users on these platforms. And, in the future, we’ll be enabling Group video calling for all our users across more platforms – at no cost.



Whether for my cycling team or your catch ups, meet ups, huddles, reunions, nights out, study groups, painting clubs, family 'get-togethers' or whatever group you participate in, Skype is committed to making group communications simple, easy and fun for everyone – now and in the years to come!




As we move forward, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and deliver ever more and ever better group communications. So, as always, let us know what you think here in the blog comments below or your favorite platform discussion board in the Community.

by tbennett250 ‎28-04-2014 17:04 - edited ‎28-04-2014 17:05

So what happens when ive purchased a years subscription of skype premium in which ive still got atleast 9months on it and video calls are now free

by Rrefresh on ‎28-04-2014 23:56
Same situation as with tbennett250. I purchased the premium account services on March 24th. I have 11 months ahead of me of using a service that is for free now. I think Microsoft should pro-rate and reimburse the customers in such situations for the time left on their premium account. Cheers!
by deanp on ‎29-04-2014 00:07

I'd love to hear what the plan is for current Premium members as well. 

by on ‎29-04-2014 00:56

@tbennett250, Rrefresh, and deanp


You may want to contact Skype Live Support to check on some updates about customer who has Skype Premium and what will happen next since Group Video Calling is now being offered for free.


 Skype Live Support Link: 


Here's how to get to Skype Live Support:

1. Sign in to your account using that link.

2. Choose Calling in Choose a help topic, then Group Video Calling(Skype Premium) in Choose a related problem. The click on Next.

3. Click on Text Chat Support

4. Finally, click on Start


After following the steps, you should be connected to a Live Chat Support Specialist in no time. :cool:


by Community Ambassador on ‎29-04-2014 04:16

So for the people who still have a subscription to Skype Premium... what are you going to do for us? Give us credit? I really hope something is done about this because it hasn't been rolled out properly to the loyal, paying customers like myself. 


So, what's it going to be?

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎29-04-2014 09:35

We appreciate your feedback, and we value our Premium customers very much! 


Existing Premium members will be contacted in the next days via email with details around the future of their subscription. Your individual option depends on which Premium subscription you did purchase previously. So please check the inbox of your Skype account's primary email this week for more details. Meanwhile you might want to check your primary account email is up to date. You can do that in your "Account Settings" at the Skype web account page here:

by andrewwerdna on ‎29-04-2014 13:56

Yep, got that email you sent me.


"as a big thanks for being a Premium subscriber, we're giving you calling to countries around the world at no extra cost."


My subscription renewed ONE WEEK ago.  NO indication that you were changing ANYTHING.  You've given me a service I do not use and told me it's at 'no extra cost', when in fact you've charged me a year's subscription for a week's use of the service I do use.  That's just appalling.

It's also the last penny you'll see from me ever.  How is that a good business model?

by aplkorex on ‎29-04-2014 19:23
Man.... people sure are angry. It's technology, folks. You and I use this stuff because we're cutting edge, and appreciate how technology enhances our lives. The least we can do is roll with a company/service as it adapts (or even re-adapts, in this case) to meet demand. It will all work out... and it in the grand scheme of things, even if it doesn't, there's no use in living bitter. Enjoy life!
by lionelp on ‎29-04-2014 23:41

I got the email this morning offering unlimited calls to but when I checked the list of countres there is a line that says


Important: This subscription is not available in Australia, Brazil, the United States, France, China, Taiwan, or Korea.


I live in Australia so why should I keep up the premium susbcription if there is no benefit or am I missing something

by on ‎30-04-2014 18:59

That is why I am suggesting that you contact Skype Live Chat Support for further information and for real time assistance.. Please follow the steps on how to contact Skype Live Support.


Skype Live Support Link: 


Here's how to get to Skype Live Support:

1. Sign in to your account using that link.

2. Choose Calling in Choose a help topic, then Group Video Calling(Skype Premium) in Choose a related problem. The click on Next.

3. Click on Text Chat Support

4. Finally, click on Start

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎30-04-2014 20:22

Andrewwerdna: The Premium subscription you purchased contains an calling portion that allows for unlimited calls to the destination of your choice. You can verify your country selection on your Skype web account page at - Should you discover that you don't need the calling portion you can cancel your subscription from that very same page and request a refund.



lionelp: You are on a legacy Premium subscription including a calling portion like for Andrew as well. Above instructions to verify your destination calling country apply for you as well. The line you were quoting above is applying to new subscribers only.

by Dirac on ‎03-05-2014 06:01

what happens if you use windows 8.1 and only have the preinstalled skype app? because video turns off on my end as soon as the 3 way call is started

by CaptainGary on ‎05-05-2014 09:07

Strange, if you are quiting Premium, Skype is telling you this:


Are you sure you want to give up all this?

  • Unlimited* calls to a country of your choice
  • Group video calls with up to 10 people
  • Group screen sharing
  • Live chat customer support


Not clear for me, what do you lose if you quit Premium. Will premium still exists in future??

by CaptainGary on ‎05-05-2014 09:11 - last edited on ‎06-05-2014 20:19 by Moderator

And where --- do you find Live chat customer support??? For what I am paying for




Edited to conform with the Community Guidelines

Please, do not use swear words or references to them in posts.

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎05-05-2014 11:17

Dirac: Group video calling is currently only supported on the Skype for Windows desktop app. It's not supported in Skype for modern Windows. If you want to perform group video calls on Windows 8.1 you need to install Skype for Windows desktop:


CaptainGary: There are different types of Skype Premium: Some were about allowin group video calling only (which we turned free last week) while others also allowed you to have unlimited calls to a country of your choice. Please check your email inbox for an email from Skype that explains what is the case for you. If you were on the Premium that included unlimited calls and you want to quit this you would obviously lose the calling option. To contact Skype CS please follow the instructions here:

by TV2KLBC on ‎23-05-2014 22:18

We are TV2 KLBC In Laughlin Nv,. We are looking for interesting people from around the world to talk with live on skype...on our Morning Show Television Program. Any suggestions on how to let people around the world know we would like to hear from them?



by gina.briones40 on ‎10-06-2015 02:56

i realy  inspire


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