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Skype 2.7 for Android: Improved calling experience

by Community Manager Community Manager ‎21-02-2012 14:48 - edited ‎21-02-2012 14:49 (20,363 Views)

We have released a new version of Skype for Android.

The main efforts on this release have gone to improving the calling experience and enabling video calling for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

Upgrade to the latest version of Skype for Android from the Android Market and share your feedback on how we can improve further here on the Skype Support Network.

 The full release notes for the release build are:

  • Calling interface updated
  • Improved quality
  • Enabled video calling for Samsung Epic 4G Touch

by lobop ‎27-02-2012 05:12 - edited ‎27-02-2012 05:13

With this versoin, I think, you have broken the caller identification setting on my Android(Galaxy Nexus). I saved my called ID settings a couple of times(from web) and it reverts back to nothing and shows some California number as caller id! It was working fine before this update.

by Sailorsteve99 on ‎01-03-2012 16:54
Doesn't work at all on my galaxy tab. If it will connect at all it drops the connection within a few seconds. Just signed up yesterday, VERY DISAPPOINTED! haven't been able to complete one call.
by teredactle on ‎16-03-2012 16:55

This version and previous versions have broken the expected behaviour on the Motorola Atrix 4G (Bell 2.3.6). I had to manually go back and test each release to find one that worked properly.


I found that version skype_v2.5.4.162 is one that works properly (both in portrait and landscape mode).


All versions after break this and you can only use the phone in landscape mode AND you look upside down or sideways to the other caller.


I suggest you do proper quality control of your releases because there's nothing to brag about here.

by JagodaSzwarc on ‎23-03-2012 12:25

What has been improved??

I have bought the Unlimited Europe subscription and firstly:

My balance shows £0.11???

Secondly I can't make any phonecalls!!!! Drives me mad!

Thirdly, no one replied to the support messages!

What kind of service is that???? I'm paying for something what I can't use!

Useless service.

by rodeheffer on ‎25-03-2012 19:34

Over the past week I downloaded and installed the Skype for Android app to my Sony Tablet S, with the latest version of Android OS installed.  At this point I have been able to call and "talk" to one of my friends using the Skype to Skype call feature, but unfortunately I have not been able to do a "video" call with him.  The issue seems to be that "video" Icon is not appearing for selection when I place the call and tap the screen to try to select that option.  I have two cameras (front and back) on my tablet and they are in fine working order with all other applications I have used them with.  It does not seem to matter whether I have turned the camera(s) on before or after placing the call, I still get no opportunity to select making a video call. When I installed the application, there was a option to test the audio, but not the video compatibility with my tablet.  I like Skype and have also installed the Windows PC version to my computer - and video calls work great on that platform. But any advice about how to make the video calling feature work on my Tablet would be appreciated and surely increase my satisfaction with Skype. 

by Zeidastan on ‎26-03-2012 02:29
I have an Acer A100 that worked well and then there was an update. Now I have no control over the volume. No matter what I do, the volume is fixed.
by axkaizen on ‎01-04-2012 08:39

I have the new Razor Maxx and Skype says that they dont have a version that is supported by my phone. It says that a video version is offered soon.  I dont care about video, I just want to use the calling feature.  no other info is offered.

by Sinatra on ‎17-04-2012 01:18

I have an HTC and keep getting urgent notifications, however even when pasting this in browser doesn't come up with anything.  Personally find skype useless, waste of money.  Probably in 6 months have had 2 conversations, now it doesn't work at all - rings, can't hear anyone at end of line, but they can hear me.  What am I paying for?  Purchased it as a business number for my aged care business so the elderly wouldn't bourke at phoning mobile numbers.  Heaven knows how much business this skype has cost me.  Not happy at all.

by Moderator on ‎02-11-2012 13:59
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