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Meet Thibault - Staff Champion

by WiktorO on ‎11-03-2014 08:34 (2,624 Views)

Hi all! Welcome to the newest episode in our series of interviews with Community Ambassadors, Moderators and Staff Champions. Today, I’d like to introduce Thibault who is one of our Staff Champions.


1. Tell us something about yourself


I’m a software engineer, working on Skype for Mac. I’m driven by other people both in my professional and personal lives, no matter if I interact with them directly or not. This makes me very customer oriented when developing the client. I’m a very social and outgoing person. I like talking to my friends and strangers alike. I have even made some new friends that way. I have recently started volunteering for a charitable organisation, providing First Aid during sports events, concerts etc. As a developer I feel it is good that I’m connected to the Community. This allows me to read the comments on the forums and know what the general sentiment is.


2. What do you do in the Skype community?


It all depends on the amount of spare time I have on my hands and on the issues that are currently being discussed. I spend most of my time just reading but sometimes I like to take part in the conversation. This happens when I feel like I can really add value to the discussion. Recently, we have released an app called Skype First Aid. It allows users to extract hidden files that allow us to find the root cause to their issues. This idea originated from the Skype Community. The users felt like if there was a better way of extracting the files, it’d be easier for them to get their problems solved. This was all posible because I was reading the Community and kept my hand on the pulse.


3. What is the best thing about being in the Community?


First of all, it’s not always easy to know what users think about Skype – Community provides one way of finding out. It feels great to see a user’s reaction to receiving a reply from an actual developer. Even though we have testers and beta testers, our releases are not exempt of bugs. Sometimes the community allows us to identify bugs that we weren’t aware of. Sometimes we even bring on board new beta testers that come from the Community. I recall two particular examples when this happened. In the first case, the user was not very tech savvy but he had to use Skype every day. He helped us identify some bugs and issues and was then added to the beta tester program. Another person who owned a lot of high tech video equipment helped us test some video functionality on the Mac client. Last September, there was an issue with Skype for Mac crashing on start up. This was caused by ‘obsolete’ software that some users on the Community were still running. They helped us identify the root cause of that problem.


4. Which popular personality would you most like to meet & why?


I’d love to meet Antoine de Maximy. He is the host of a TV show called ‘J'irai dormir chez vous’ (English: I’ll sleep at your place) where he travels the world and tries to survive by asking strangers to sleep in their houses. He tries to avoid the ‘touristy’ places and instead wants to get insight into the lives of real people. I really like the way he connects with the audience. He’s a very inquisitive person. Even when people explicitly tell him not go to certain areas, he still goes there and by keeping a positive attitude and a smile on his face he rarely gets into trouble.


I’d like to meet him because he is outgoing and is not afraid of trying different things. He also reminds me of my dad. I’d like to see his life outside of the show and ask him how he ended up doing what he does.


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