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Meet Slava - Staff Moderator

by WiktorO on ‎08-01-2014 14:12 (3,583 Views)

Hi and welcome to another episode in our series of profiles on Community Ambassadors, Volunteer moderators and Skype employees who are active on the Skype Community.


Today I’d like to introduce Slava who is a Staff Moderator.


  1. Tell us something about yourself.


My name is Slava and I’m part of the Incubator team at Skype. I’ve been working here for quite some time. I joined Skype in September 2006 as a Customer Support email agent. I then moved to the CS chat team and later ended up in the Incubator team.

I am a big fan of playing guitar. I have been in several rock/metal bands over the past years and currently working on a new music project with my friends. We’re about to have our first concert on the 20th of December with the current band.

I have also been an avid aikido practitioner for about 5 years. Unfortunately, I got a spine injury this year, so my aikido “career” is under question.


2. What do you do in the Skype Community?


Being in the Community is actually directly related to my job. Part of the Incubator team’s responsibilities is to collect post-launch feedback and the Community is one of the best sources for us. If something doesn’t work you can instantly see a hot thread about it on the Community as it takes less time for users to post there rather than to contact the Skype customer service via email or chat. Another big advantage of using Skype Community is the ability to reply to multiple users at the same time. The reach of a single reply on the Community is much bigger than the reach of a customer support email. I also do some moderation and answer questions on the Russian board.


3. What is the best thing about being in the community?


For me personally, it is the ability to post one message that will help tens if not hundreds of people. If there is a certain issue that one person is experiencing, the same could happen to hundreds or thousands of others. Posting an answer to one question could potentially help a large amount of other people who have the same problem. It’s about being efficient. You don’t spend a lot of time by helping each person individually, but you create one answer that helps a lot of people.

Being recognized is also a great feeling. It is always nice to hear a ‘Thank you’ after solving someone’s problem. It helps you understand that what you are doing is useful to other people.


4. Which popular personality would you most like to meet & why?


I would really like to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie “Terminator 2” is one of my favourite ones and the role he played there is extraordinary, one of the best he has ever done. It would be very interesting to hear his English with a German accent in real life. Certain phrases that he pronounces in English sound funny, so it would be amusing to hear them live. I’d also love to ask him why on earth did he go into politics. A movie star who ended up being a governor - I just don’t see the relation between the two. This will give me a better understanding of why certain people (sport stars, movie stars, musicians, etc.) go into politics. Which, in its turn, will help me to become a politician also (when I am old and grumpy and have nothing better to do).




by Zebra26 on ‎09-01-2014 09:42
Hey, sounds good. Here's a question - I have been all over this community but how do I post a new question rather than a comment??
by luigeegee1 on ‎09-01-2014 23:58

how do i post a question?  cant find it anywhere?

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