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How to deal with spam calls on Skype

by Community Manager Community Manager ‎08-08-2012 13:27 - edited ‎23-08-2012 14:31 (37,683 Views)

Don't miss our latest blog post on preventing and dealing with spam calls on Skype. It's not a common event, but you might want to be prepared once it hits you. Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

A general advice: Skype will never call you or send you a chat message to inform you about a security incident. So you can safely assume that all such calls or chat messages are scam attempts to be ignored.

by bobrawlings on ‎14-08-2012 02:54

Claudius wrote:

Don't miss our latest blog post on preventing and dealing with spam calls on Skype. It's not a common event, but you might want to be prepared once it hits you. Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

System help-urgent notice, is what type of scam?

by qxpr59 on ‎15-08-2012 05:22

Thank you.


by iurkie on ‎20-08-2012 18:41

I have received these callls almost daily, usually during the night hours. I have blocked them but they still get through. How can they diagnose my system if I have notr let them in? How do I prevent these calls?

by hennaay on ‎23-08-2012 02:08 - last edited on ‎20-09-2012 12:01 by Community Manager Community Manager

I have received these calls too, 'SYSTEM HELP - URGENT", usually they call me during work hours, they said they were callng from SKYPE, they told you to go into a website? What website is that, I tried to search however, once I click into that website, it scanned my computer at once, I closed it right the way, I am so scared that if its a spy or something? please let us know if this call is from SKYPE? if not, how can they get my skype account and can call me? if that website is a scam ??

by rguerrajrsatx1 on ‎31-08-2012 14:14

I keep getting calls from ONLINE HELP-PERFORM SYSTEM MAINTENANCE.  Is this a valid call from Skype or not?  I have tried blocking the call, but it keeps coming through.  I get this call seveal times a day.  Can anyone help??

by barbgree on ‎31-08-2012 21:10

I, too, keep getting these "System Notice" calls.  I am assuming they are spam, but blocking them does no good.  Can someone from Skype please provide some assistance to all of us????  Thank you.

by kanakaken ‎01-09-2012 14:46 - edited ‎01-09-2012 14:50

I also have received many calls from "system help-urgent".The first couple of times I just ignored it but from then on I continue to get these calls. Once I went to the internet site but shut it down immediately, I got the impression that it may have been something like adware or spyware. The last one came tonight, 01/09/12, and I reported it for abuse and blocked it as well. The Skype name for this spam site usually changes each time, this one had a Skype name of, "w7xpvst.ss9". It's obvious that Skype is unable to do much about this problem because it keeps on occuring. If the box, "report as abuse" is clicked, I imagine all Skype can do is disconnect them from the system. Then all they have to do is to apply under another name or email address and they are back in business spamming on Skype.

by kanakaken on ‎03-09-2012 10:02

I have just received another of these SYSTEM HELP-URGENT spam calls 03/09/12, 6:55pm when I checked it's profile the Skype name is "lesspsr" from the USA.

Why can't Skype sort these people out?

by dlpowell1181 on ‎06-09-2012 22:52

I've been having this for a while. I read the blog and checked my privacy settings and sure enough the calls setting was unrestricted. that is now set to my contact list only, we'll see if that works because those a$#^$%&* were calling 3 or 4 times a day and since i have my skype forwarded to my cell they are unidentified so indistinguishble from callers that are on my list. The problem that will now arise is that i cannot recieve calls via skype from future, unknown clients so will have to remove my skype name from my website. once more screwed by a stinking scammer!

by gruff1 on ‎09-09-2012 09:32

Ihave just received a message from skype agent offering a prize and asking me to reply to skypeteams.service@gmail quoting a given claims code. Can you tell me whether this is genuine , and if not can the email address be closed down so that it cannot be used again. 

by jannettg on ‎16-09-2012 22:59

Hello I received the same calls too.  One time I tried to answer and my system froze.  I could not get out of the thing until I locked down my computer.  Luckily, I did not engage in any discussions because I thought it was weird that Skype would be telling me something is wrong with my system!

by rio_mobile on ‎21-09-2012 09:41

I received skyp from skypeonline_promotional_dept_12 (Dr moris)

i think its a scam....





Attn: Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that your Skype User's ID has been emerged as one of our Lucky winners for the Year 2012 Skype User's Lottery which you are the second place winner among the 5 lucky winners. (Your Winning Batch Code is SK/938/16PE).
You are hereby advice to contact our Skype Lottery Claim Officer {Mr JAMES HAROLD} on ( get your Claims of($500,000) five hundred thousand United State Dollars , with your Names, Address, Country, Age,Occupaton, Status, Phone/Mobile Number.i Hope you will put some of this money into your comunity development. and also Wherever You Go,Take Skype With You.Once again Congratulation                            

Dr Moris co-ordinator

by rongendron1 on ‎08-10-2012 20:20

I got a an automated Skype message which wanted to speed up our service. I also got a unique sound out of  one of my stereo channels at the same time. I got a Skype automated message telling me to sign on and allow an update to run on my system. I suspect this is invalid.

by Wink_jones on ‎16-10-2012 18:45

It is distressing to see so many comments and no response.  Is there not a way to block all of these morons who are using the same title?  I block each one as it comes in, but each has a different username even though they are all using the same scam headline or one or two variations with minor changes.


Why does Skype not disbar anyone who receives more than "x "complaints?  


I use my Skype name on my website so I can not block unknown callers who may be clients, but I have reveived two of the Urgent calls in the last thirty minutes.



by Darlenemwells on ‎17-10-2012 06:19

Hasn't Skype responded to this at all?..

by akinmackay on ‎02-12-2012 20:19

My problem is similar to all mentioned above.

However, I have been receiving calls from unknown people (mostly ladies) that are not on my contact list of late. Today alone I have blocked 5 of such calls.

I am wondering how these people could get access to calling me without being on my contact list or me accepting them.

I will appreciate it if skype can make it impossible this people getting access.

Thank you and God bless.


by Stargate on ‎16-12-2012 02:17

I am so fed up with skype right now, if it wasn't for the fact that I have money in my skype account, I would delet skype right now and come back in a few months when you have the bugs out of the system.

I can't add a contact.

I can't play my voicemessages.

And I don't get answer to my questions for help.

Get your act together Skype.

How about giving us a phone number to call for help.

This support site is too confusing.

And why should I have to go deep into my computer to fix

YOUR problems???

Eva Stargate

by GrandPoobah on ‎28-12-2012 06:41

I'm not the only one who's been getting false messages from Skype and porn spam.

This has been going on for months and no one from Skype is responding.  Not good and not allowable. Skype is no longer the only game in town and they'd better wakeup and act like it.

by LimeyDi on ‎15-01-2013 16:23

Every time i get one of the "system maintenance" spam calls (2-3 times per day)  I block and report it as abuse. I have been doing this for about 2 years and so far Skype has reacted with total  inaction - i deduce this because the calls are still coming. I also have to ask, of what use to me is a phone number (I repeat, phone number - the Skype phone number that can be called from any landline or cell phone) if the only way to block the spam calls is to block calls from people who aren't already on my Contacts list ... such as, for example PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS??? I ask again (without really expecting a productive resposne) why isn't Skype BLOCKING and totally eliminating this ONE repeated issue about which many Skype users have complained?

by nd323232 on ‎16-01-2013 21:24
Yes, these are a pain, especially in the middle of the night. Please stop them, Skype!
by LimeyDi on ‎20-01-2013 16:39

So as I see from even more reports, the answer to the question "What is Skype doing about repeated identifiable spam messages and the thousands of complaints " is "BIG FAT NOTHING". I switch my ringer off overnight to avoid being disturbed by spam calls, but this also means that a call to my Skype phone number in an emergency - like the call about a medical emergency involving a family member that took place last night - will have to wait to reach me until the next time I check my email, unless the caller has my cell number. Does anyone know of another internet protocol phone and video service that does a much better job than Skype? I have been using it since it first came out and bought a phone number when those first became available, but I am quite ready to call it quits and go to another video call service. Recommendations, anyone? Anyone???

by robertdeweyjr on ‎02-04-2013 09:03

I recently have been receiving spam text messages supposedly from my contacts.  It includes a line about looking at a photograph and a link (which I don't click on).  Both times it has been in Russian (my contacts are Russian, but would never write the way the texts read).

by LimeyDi on ‎07-04-2013 19:06

what a surprise - same old nonsense. I am PAYING for a Skype phone number, every one of the very numerous spam calls that ring - usally in the middle of the night - I do report as spam and block, but they keep on coming, and the brilliant (same old) solution is to block calls from numbers that are not in my Contact list ... thererby blocking friends whose numbers aren't in my list yet and potential clients calling for the first time ... call me crazy, but I like to use my Skype and Skype phone to COMMUNICATE and enjoy NEW contacts. I wonder why Microsoft doesn't invest some of its vast profits in tracking down the spammers and exterminating them? 

by Moderator on ‎14-05-2013 10:38
by okm-19-40 on ‎14-05-2013 22:49



by LimeyDi on ‎19-05-2013 17:07

so leaving aside okm-19-40's happy comment from the Planet Mongo where he/she/it apparently lives and has just"discovered" Skype ..., NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT ALL THE SPAM CALLS TO SKYPE PHONE NUMBERS. Skype continues to fail in any way whatsoever to track down and block spam calls to the PAID subscription phone numbers. SNAFU and FUBAR, in fact. 

by wheinfling on ‎20-05-2013 18:57


please be carefull

i am getting a spam chat

how can i detect it


by jemaal on ‎21-05-2013 19:36

Claudius wrote:

Don't miss our latest blog post on preventing and dealing with spam calls on Skype. It's not a common event, but you might want to be prepared once it hits you. Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

A general advice: Skype will never call you or send you a chat message to inform you about a security incident. So you can safely assume that all such calls or chat messages are scam attempts to be ignored.

Hello all of the community members how are you?thankyou i am fully satisfied and becam happiest!!!thanks!!!u are a back bone of all users!!!

by CEOmike on ‎20-06-2013 02:13

Skype is such a good idea unfortunately it has all been outsourced to India which means "hello my name is Gizelle, I am happy to help you, please block caller in privacy, that did not fix it, excuse me let me help. please block caller in privacy, you still get spam calls, I am sorry let me help, please go to privacy and block caller ...."


There will be no resolution - I just decided to eat the money Skpe has of my money and go to  to VOIPo

by LimeyDi on ‎23-06-2013 13:59

Oh come now "rio mobile" ... you THINK it's a scam? Well, if you believe Skype gives huge pots of money away, good luck to you. If they really had all that money they could spend it on eliminating this infuriating spam scam - Skype is scamming us by taking  money from those of us who have a Skype phone number and not fixing it. Oh, and please disregard the constantly repeated Skype mantra appearing in this thread ... DO miss the latest blog post on how to block spam, as it is useless, ineffective and ridiculous. Once again: if you BLOCK CALLS FROM PEOPLE NOT IN YOUR CONTACTS LIST this means that people you do not YET know - like new friends or potential customers - cannot call your phone number. The poit of a phone number is to get calls and communicate with people. I continue to switch off my Skype ringer at night , block and mark as spam (ha!) the spam calls that come in overnight and hope that anyone who has an emergency calls my cell phone.

by LimeyDi on ‎23-06-2013 14:01

Did you notice that Skype says spam calls are "not a common event"? Define "common": three times per week? per month? per year? how about three times per day and night?

by Commentator on ‎25-10-2013 12:16

having left Skype because of all the fake callers, I have tried to re-enter. But no. Still the same African callers. What makes me decide to skip Skype for the second time, is that Skype does not have a immediately obvious way of blocking callers. They are still pretending nothing is the matter. WELL GOODBYE!

by mdramadan87 on ‎31-10-2013 17:40
This person kimberly Bartlett is a scam pls deleted her now cause she holding many people video at Skype please help she ask to pay 2k
by drachinimi on ‎17-05-2014 15:03


my privacy settings are at top security..

& I AM GETTING SPAM - mostly from men with some bogus military rank


and these calls keep coming

what's up with that????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



by Harold777 on ‎25-09-2015 05:30

It is 2015 now, and this problem persists.  I block a spam number, but they can continue to call and show up in my Events.  I thought "block this person" means they cannot call me any more.  If not, why not?

by LarryCoz on ‎19-12-2015 19:24

I am really getting tired of calls for "new video messages". Blocking is useless, as they change the ID repeatedly to deliver the calls. At a rate of 6 per day, I wonder if Skype is enabling this outfit or just ignoring users who have to put up with the intrusions?

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