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How the Xbox One is Going to Change the Way You Use Skype

by Staff Moderator Staff Moderator ‎16-12-2013 16:09 - edited ‎16-12-2013 16:10

Recently, with the Xbox One, we’ve made a huge leap forward with the Skype experience in your living room.  This leap is bigger than you think. It is going to completely revolutionize the way you use Skype!


Watching TV together

In theory, you can easily Skype and watch TV by using a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. However, trying to do this in real life can be a tiny bit annoying. You’d have to put your device down every time you wanted to change the channel or grab a snack. Xbox One can handle both the TV and Skype, so now you can watch your favourite shows and movies while chatting with your friends and family. Plenty of room left for popcorn!


Get the Family together on the couch

Have you ever been on a call where a group of people is sharing one computer to talk to you? That doesn’t usually go very smoothly. People have to lean in one at a time to say something and the camera doesn’t capture everyone. The camera on Kinect and Skype on Xbox One adjust automatically to fit all people in its range. Now, it’s easy to get everybody on the call.


These are just two examples of how I think Skype on Xbox One is going to change the way you use Skype. If you want to learn more then check out this post on the Skype blog.

You can also post your own innovative ways of using Skype on Xbox One on our Xbox board.



by bayero on ‎16-12-2013 19:25

ilove it


by aniket.pwr1 on ‎19-12-2013 07:04

i need help



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