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History of Our Community

by Joanna_M Staff on ‎25-06-2013 12:56 (4,281 Views)

The start of great things often go unnoticed until many years later when those great things are held responsible for changing history. The birth of Skype Community was one of such a great things.


On 27th of June 2011 the Skype Community was created. This is the date the very first user Jay signed in as a member of our community. Two years later over 1 million people have registered to our site!


Hard to believe it’s been two years already! But what a great two years - filled with incredible challenges, exciting victories, and loads of fun!


At the very beginning, there was lots of uncertainly as to where the community would go. People questioned whether the world would really need a Skype Community (fortunately, our team knew the answer all along ).


Every day thousands of users sign in to Skype for the very first time. Although there is a knowledgebase, there will be always questions which can be discussed with more experienced users. Question vary from “How do I make a Skype call” to more technical ones. We wanted to unite all users in their Skype interest - give you a chance to help others where you have a bigger knowledge or experience with Skype.


We kicked off with a small number of users but we quickly grew as a community. And here we are, with a record number of accomplishments: new structure, 11 language communities, over 736.800 posts, 157.600 kudos, 11.500 accepted solutions and 2 Lithy awards for best in class community.


Looking back here are some of our highlights:



But it is not just about statistics. There is a real sense of the community here...which offers opportunity to interact with other Skype users.


This is a great place, and we’re humbled.


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Community since the beginning, the middle, and all of the newest members.


You are awesome!



by sherithronson on ‎22-07-2013 23:33

Hi, I would really like to have internet through skype.  I am tired of running my electric bill up just to have internet through another company.  It would really be nice to open my computer and have automatic internet....without the big monthly bill. 

I was told many years ago by the skype support provide this kind of service in 8 other countries, just not here in the united states yet.

when will this service be available?   It is a real pain to not beable to have internet already on my computer without having to be at some hotspot or home all the time, just to have internet......................i am not sure what the hold up is and why is this so hard to have with the technology today.........

Having phone service throughs skype is wonderful, NOW CAN WE PLEASE HAVE INTERNET PROVIDED AS-Well.............ALREADY PLEASE.

Thank you,


Sheri Thronson

by afpulsa on ‎25-08-2013 04:43


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