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Community News (week #51 2011 | Dec 16th - 22th)

by Community Manager Community Manager ‎28-12-2011 22:51 - edited ‎28-12-2011 22:50

Welcome to the latest edition of our "Community News". These news updates give you an overview of what has happened in our community in the past week. I am looking forward to hear how you like these and what additional topics you like to see covered here.


Community chitchat


We have restructured the layout in the English category area a bit based on your feedback. The Community section has been moved to the bottom of the listing to give you faster access to the popular "Frequently Asked" and Skype on Computer and Mobile areas. What do you think about this change? Anything you can't find right now?


Thread of The Week


There was a nice thread started on the Windows board about a compact layout during group calls. It would be interesting to hear your input about this idea. Maybe you have a suggestion about how you would like to see the call view to be changed?


Post highlight


A regular reappearing question is the one about the bandwidth consumption of Skype calls (both audio and video). That's especially interesting on mobile devices. That's where ruwim's reply on the bandwidth unit used in the technical call info comes in really handy. Thanks for sharing.


Member of The Week


Long time community user VoodooDoll has been accumulating quite some credits over the past weeks by. He is mainly active on the Windows board where he has created several very useful topics on the common questions for this platform. Thanks a lot for that!


And by the way: If you come accross any message you find helpful, funny, offering a solution or all of it at the same time: Please click on the "Kudo +1" button below the message to show your appreciation.

by dark_sakura on ‎29-12-2011 11:21

in the new version one thing that is not good is it dosnt show the the call duration just like in the old version . i hope they add that in the up coming new version of skype . also the during the video call the name SKYPE appears on the top left side which is very annoying !!