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Community News (week #48 2011 | Nov 25th - Dec 1st)

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎05-12-2011 09:01 (13,960 Views)

Welcome to the latest edition of our "Community News". These news updates give you an overview of what has happened in our community in the past week. I am looking forward to hear how you like these and what additional topics you like to see covered here.


Community chitchat


We are excited to see the Skype Support Network and our Social Support offerlings (like Twitter or Facebook) were being shortlisted for the for the UK E-Consultancy Innovation in Customer & User Experience Award. It's great to see our efforts to help our customers being appreciated. And besides

. Thanks a lot for that.


Thread of The Week


An interesting discussion taking place on how it's possible to do Searching for a person in a specific country in different Skype versions. Looking forward for your input on this discussion but also don't miss our guide on adding contacts.


Post highlight


Our respected contributor ruwim did it again: His post reply on "Error 2738 & other issues" is the swiss knife on installation errors. Hats off to you once again.


Member of The Week


This week's highlighted member is kwinghui who is sharing his knowledge and insight in using Skype on iPad. It seems the touch input of these tablets sometimes isn't as intuitive as advertisted and that's where kwinghui's detailed explanations come in handy. Thanks a lot (also on behalf of Apple ) for guiding your fellow Skype users in their iPad experience. 


And by the way: If you come accross any message you find helpful, funny, offering a solution or all of it at the same time: Please click on the "Kudo +1" button below the message to show your appreciation.

by RickF on ‎14-12-2011 00:52

I have enjoyed video calls via skype over my home wireless connection for quite some time. Today, I downloaded version, and suddenly I can't make video calls through my home wifi system. I'm getting an error that reads "The current network does not support skype access...Tip: skype access does not work with private or closed networks." From something I just read, you have to purchase skype credits to use wifi now. Is this true? Just making sure before I go off the deep end and migrate to i-chat or google or one of the other freebies. I enjoy skype and would hate to leave.

by foijullahmamun on ‎14-12-2011 01:53
i can'nt use skype on n73 which is bought by tk 21000 BDT. E71 was bought by tk19600 BDT. So why skype is'nt availabe on N73. It's also a symbian s60 3rd edition phone. If i can'not use skype on my N73, so i shall be doing hate for life. I bought N73 with a great hope.
by ambiga71 on ‎14-12-2011 12:38
i had using skype for almost a year and recently had download latest skype version by allmyapps but i cannot install it then i had try by manually by using the skype website but still cannot i need a few help i dont want to lose my contact in skype i really need it it is too important for me
by dvasko3 on ‎14-12-2011 14:34

how can i transfer my skype credit to my wife's skype account?

by dragon8wu on ‎15-12-2011 02:10

I am very doubtful of this skype credit subscription as I already paid the subscription quarterly. My subscription is suppose to renew on the 14th monthly but it is now well overdue. Beside my skype credit still has 4 pence yet I could not make any called. how can I complain this?

by LIAO on ‎15-12-2011 11:26

I already paid the subscription twice in December 15 2011 & March 29 2011. My subscription is suppose to renew on the 12th monthly but it is now well overdue. I could not make any call now. How can I complain this?

by jofa on ‎16-12-2011 14:31

I've gone through all the steps in downloading the most recent Skype programme. I saved the file to Downloads and then I clicked "Run". I get a message telling me that "Download hasn't started". I went through the procedure a number of times but still get the same message.  Help please as I'm begining to get very frustrated. Joe

by parkfieldgal on ‎16-12-2011 19:33

stop making us jump through hoops to get an answer if we have a problem then let us tell you what the problem is instead having to go here then there then to another place were i/we still didn't get the answer I/we need our time is important too!

by parkfieldgal on ‎16-12-2011 19:35

I too have done everything required and calls still aren't  able to get through.

by ygursey on ‎17-12-2011 19:08

I have trouble with Skype this last day. suddenly when I click on something Skype stops working. then I tried downloading Skype again. same thing. I figured that it seems to work if I detach the "profile" page from the ontatcs page and turn off the contatcs page. can I get Skype to work again as before?

by towodi24 on ‎17-12-2011 20:50

Like you Ygursey the same thing is going on with mine . What do we need to do to fix this?

by ramseycal1 on ‎18-12-2011 00:41

that's suck's . no customer service for skype . all this b.s. 2 weeks trying to call landline phone and keep giving me samething loosing money every time trying to make a call .

you skype customer service need to have 1800 number better then complicated system   .  

     we need 1800 number for customer service

we need 1800 number for customer service

we need 1800 number for customer service

we need 1800 number for customer service

we need 1800 number for customer service

we need 1800 number for customer service

we need 1800 number for customer service

we need 1800 number for customer service

by mghiuca on ‎18-12-2011 07:25


I get the following message as soon as I try calling someone: "Skype has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."  There are no updates available, and can't find a solution.  I'm on Windows 7 Enterprise edition.  Please help.


by riverjamie304 on ‎18-12-2011 13:57

I get the same msg as above with Windows 7 also.  Does anyone know if this is a software problem?  If so on what side?  Windows 7 or Skype?  I uninstalled Skype and reloaded it but still had the same problem?  It was working fine two days ago.  Then yesterday it started acting up.  I have another computer with Windows XP it works fine.  So I'm thinking that either Windows did a some upgrading which does work with Skype or Skype did something?  Or some software virus, worm, etc.

by on ‎18-12-2011 13:59

The quickest method, currently, to resolve this, is to install over, what you have. using the beta release here:

by mghiuca on ‎18-12-2011 18:23

This worked, thanks very much!

by riverjamie304 on ‎18-12-2011 19:38

I just loaded the Beta 5.7 version that I found on Skype.  It solved my problem with Windows 7 that I listed under (riverjamie304) above.  Thanks Claudius


What I don't understand is why can't Skype load a msg on the main screen somewhere to download this for Window 7 users?  It would have saved a lot of time trying for figure out if it was my computer, Windows 7, or Skype.



by annaliselasavia on ‎19-12-2011 04:29

I JUST DID THAT AND IT DIDNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by boredrigid on ‎19-12-2011 13:20

Have suddenly encountered problem with Skype not loading properely and then showing error "Failed to load library d3d9.dll" Skype fatal error. Any bright ideas to solve the matter as deleting and then downloading even the new beta file has not resolved the issue. Looked at help and that got me nowhere. Am currently running XP and up to now no problems. Thanks

by ece7459 on ‎19-12-2011 17:30

Is it possible to have skype on a siemens gigaset c470 ip?Thanks in advance!

by bogdan111442 on ‎20-12-2011 12:04

How come it's impossible to write password in the password line while loging to skype? I also can't change the account...

by lemsreng on ‎21-12-2011 04:35

Hi Skype 


I want to change sky name login . Can i change it


Thank you 

by inkerdoodler1 on ‎21-12-2011 16:00

I received a video call supposedly from Skype telling me to immediately go to a website to perform a complete diagnostic of my computer. I did not do this for fear that Skype has been hacked. I can't imagine that I would allow anyone access to perform a complete diagnostic on my computer! Please address this question! I have notified my contacts of the potential that our skype accounts have been hacked.

by Syms1939 on ‎23-12-2011 16:21

I received a call from Skype saying a urgent message.  Being a new member I did not answer.  If it is indeed from Skype please send message by email.  If not by Skype please inform me as to what I should do, other than informing you.

by cbrman1100 on ‎23-12-2011 20:26

Skype 5.5 crashes. Tried latest beta 5.7..crashes too.  Went to several versions back and still crashes.  Went back to 2.4  Not sure of issue as event file doesn't give much to go on..just a memory error.  I'm running XP SP3 with all latest updates.  Got latest ATI video updates too for my dinosaur card which is ATI Mobility Radeon 9800.  Symptom: start app, enter login name and password, crashes on attempt to connect...but if you leave the error/thrown exception message alone you can see Skype load up in the background.  In fact it's almost functional and connects!  As soon as you click to not send to MS on the error message the app closes down.  I'm looking into this further but wanted to see if anybody else has some issues like this.  Thanks!

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