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Community News (week #46 2011 | Nov 18th - 24th)

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎26-11-2011 10:40 (8,458 Views)

Welcome to the third issue of our "Community News". These news reports give you an overview of what has happened in our community in the past week. I am looking forward to hear how you like these and what additional topics you like to see covered here.


Community chitchat


The big news in the beginning of last week was the crash on sign in problems for some of our Windows users which brought quite an increase in visitors to our community. We also asked for help in pinpointing the cause for this crash by supplying logs. Some users  shared this information and helped our development team to get it resolved. Thanks a lot for that.


Thread of The Week


Here's a little overlap with the Member of the Week (see below) but this brilliant thread is just to valuable to leave it unmentioned. Take a look at the "Skype technical errors Megathread" with a detailed description of Windows tech problems and their solutions. Epic.


Post highlight


A very good explanation on how to start a new thread by Power User Primemover: Help Us To Help You! (How to Start a New Thread).


Member of The Week


This week's highlighted member is NoxxeR who just signed up a week ago and brought new input to the Windows boards. His highlight is the "Skype technical errors Megathread" where he explains the most common problems and their solutions all in one condensed thread. Great stuff, thanks for that NoxxeR also on behalf of all the users you could help with answers to their questions.


And by the way: If you come accross any message you find helpful, funny, offering a solution or all of it at the same time: Please click on the "Kudo +1" button below the message to show your appreciation.

by unicorn57 on ‎26-11-2011 11:12


I have a question, i keep getting a recorded phone call on skype on my cell phone, there is no way to block this call and it drains my skype credit, how can i reprot this person, i have there number but can't find a email address for skype to send a report in.

Getting real sick of this recorded call.


Help Please



by justang99 on ‎30-11-2011 00:54

5.5 BLOWS!! Wheres my volume control? pop out self picture? pop out resize? share screen????? switching back to older version...

by Isaiah1 on ‎04-12-2011 09:34
Wat do i do if i am talking to somepne on skype and den da call just hangs up every minute and 30 seconds?? It always hangs up by itslef
by Dboyde on ‎04-12-2011 12:49
Ya like there seems to be an overwhelming number of requests for Skype on the BBPB format. Can someone please let us BBPB users know if your working on this for us or what?
by akramkhan904 on ‎12-12-2011 04:59

Make one format for all, with skype product, every body can enjoy skype.

by lionelaoyama on ‎12-12-2011 16:22


i wish to uninstall my former version of skype to get a fresher one but each time i go to control panel to remove it i have a message error as the computer do not locate skype.msi???

Please help  

by pawlinu-125 on ‎13-12-2011 01:25

I Do no kno what  is happining ,but I con not log o or sign ig  on SKYPE

by Bridget1n on ‎13-12-2011 22:28

How can I find out to search for people to add as a friend

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