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Community News - summer edition

by Joanna_M Staff ‎21-08-2013 07:45 - edited ‎29-08-2013 10:31 (19,682 Views)

Hi all,

Welcome to our latest edition of „ Community News”.

These news updates give you an overview of what has happened in our community in the past weeks. Feel free to feedback to us and share your thoughts on topics you like to see covered here in future.


1.Community 2nd birthday wrap-up.


Another year has passed and the Skype Community is 2 years old.DSC01412111111.jpg

Huge thank you to everyone for celebrating with us! We truly believe in you, our community members and look forward to our next missions together!

Because our community wouldn’t be a community without its users we decided to take this opportunity to introduce you Tamim, Skype Community member who knows this place better than his own pockets


I had a chance to ask him about his story:


“I am a graduate student in Computer Science and Engineering. I am finishing my final year of study. I am 30 years old and have more than 10 years of experience in telecommunication field as Network Administrator. I have a special knowledge in VoIP technologies (Unified messaging, Software, IP centrex, softswitchs...)

In 2001 / 2004 I was very ill and I needed to stay at home for bed-rest. So I was looking something to communicate with my friends. Then I found Skype. Also, I was looking to be in a community with people of all races and different backgrounds so that I can better relate to people in my social life.

I have been troubleshooting from 2001 / 2004 for my friends and acquaintances. When I was new with PC, I faced several problems - every time I sought help from others. But their solutions werehard and tough to newcomer. So I decided to help others in easy and shortcut methods which will be very easy to cope new users.

Troubleshooting is my passion, I have been through technical troubleshooting for over 10 years now. I am of course willing to support others with my contacts and give advice based on my experiences and background”.

Once again- thank you Tamim for all your hard work!


2.Skype Community has a new look!


After several months of work in the secret Skype community labs, we are pleased to bring a fresh new look to the community.  One of the guiding principles behind the update was to enable you to access what matters to you easily. You’ll notice a wealth of information right on the homepage, from the latest announcements, the top kudoed authors and recent solutions. Additionally, in discussions where a solution has been identified, you’ll be able to see the solution right at the top.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and please keep the feedback coming. Is there anything that doesn't work the way you'd expect it to?


3.Volunteer Moderator Program Update.


We received many wonderful applications and we surely appreciate your efforts.

This is really a great community we have here, and we cannot wait to continue growing!

We are currently working with a few candidates and are no longer accepting new applications for Volunteer Moderators.

If the need arises we will post another call out.

Regardless of the outcome of your application, we admire the fact that you're willing to volunteer your time to help make the site a better place!


4.Re- launching our Community Super User program.


Since launching our first Super User program we’ve gotten some great feedback. Hopefully we can look forward to welcoming some of you into the program who expressed an interest.

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new ambassador program!


Could you be our next Community ambassador? Find out who makes it into our top rank this October! 


Check out our past newsletter and subscribe to upcoming articles using the blog options as shown here: newsletter.PNG

by annunakis666 on ‎24-08-2013 19:36

good !

by joeb123 on ‎25-08-2013 18:18

Hi is there a problem with Skype? For 3-4 days I've been unable  to make calls from my laptop and homepage is unavailable.

by Edward.M on ‎26-08-2013 06:01

Thanks I was having alot of problims, I allready had a payed account but I lost my wallet and used my wifes credit card and not mine with her permishion of corse and to make thing worst she lost her credit card and cant get one for 7 to 11 days the same thing just happend to me I ended  geting a new credit card befor a new photo I.D. and I lost that cadr!!!! Its been a bad month this month has to be better!!

Sorry about the miss understanding

by europian on ‎26-08-2013 10:10
add me to skype friend request list
by jondoninfo on ‎31-08-2013 11:33

Sound is perfect but have no picture (video)  of who I'm calling,though they can see me.

by shimaaa.veji on ‎01-09-2013 23:06
slm kasi farsi balade komak kone man dayimo peyda konam
by Qaisarali on ‎04-09-2013 16:39

Hi how r u every body plz like me i m new user

by 185 on ‎04-09-2013 21:27


by geoffo on ‎06-09-2013 00:14

just got new pc. testing out . should be fun.

by studiolegale on ‎10-09-2013 19:31

hai conect with me plz.................

by australasia on ‎16-09-2013 06:03

hello everyone


by yuoth on ‎19-09-2013 08:56



by vakuum on ‎22-09-2013 19:11
Moke poslední platba byla odmítnuta bez jakéhokoli vysvětlení. Žádal jsem její zařazení do systému opět bez odpovědi. Dočetl jsem se, že není udána země našeho pobytu. Tento údaj není pravdivý. protože na jiném vašem dokumentu je i kraj. Tento kredit byl vámi přijat 5.9 a tentýž den odmítnut. Vámi potvrzená platnost tohoto je 2.12.Pouze mne žádáte o zakoupení dalšího kreditu. Proč? Když moje peníze bez vysvětlení zadržujete.S pozdravem [Removed for privacy]
by sohag1988 on ‎23-09-2013 17:23

h a m F f h a y 

by vakuum on ‎11-07-2014 17:49

Jakvidím nejsem sám takto postižený a ne poprvé.Jsem zákazník,který se dožaduje asvých práv. Jedno z nich je právo obdržet zaplacené zboží obdržet.Další žádat a obdržet vysvětlení kdo to zaviinil. Nic z toho jsem se do dnšního dne nedověděl. Jsem penziasta a nemohu si dovolit dle něčí libivůle vyhazovat pweníze. JK

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