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Add a Skype Call-To-Action To Your Website or Email Signature

by WiktorO on ‎20-02-2014 14:11 (5,700 Views)

Today we’re going to introduce you to a slightly different method of encouraging people to connect with you on Skype.


If you have a website of your own, you can add a button to your site allowing users to connect with you on Skype.


You can also add Skype links to your email signature – hopefully this will reduce the endless stream of emails into your inbox!


Add a button to your website


Adding a Skype button to you website could not be simpler. All you have to do is:

  • Go to the Skype buttons page.
  • Fill in your details in the Let’s get started… section
  • Copy and paste the generated code into your website’s code.

To maximize the benefits of the button, make sure that your privacy settings allow people outside of your contact list to call or chat with you.


Add Skype links to your email with URLs


Adding a Skype URL to your email signature can be a bit trickier. First you need to know that not all email client handle URLs in the same way. To learn more about this, visit our guide to using Skype URLs in emails.


To create a Skype URL:

  • Select the text/image you want to turn into a link.
  • Select your email’s link tool. This varies between email clients but might look like one of these:


  • Where you would enter the web address, type in skype: followed by your Skype name.
  • If you want the link to start a chat instead of a call, add ?chat after your Skype name.


by peopleoftheworl on ‎12-03-2014 05:34
I have found really useful the new ideas of having a new password to log in
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