Re: Where is my contacts list?

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Re: Where is my contacts list?

I have exactly the same problem.  My contacts list desappeared.

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Re: Where is my contacts list?

beaubo wrote:

This "link" is broken and non-functional like Skype in general. What are the software people there smoking? No contacts list, no way to make a new call !!?? Rediculous.


Try this link for the latest Skype desktop version:

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Re: Where is my contacts list?

Run skype app under people???

skype desktop client what is that??

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Re: Where is my contacts list?

any solution?  i have the same problem with a no-show of contacts list.  I have a Mac.  anything i need to download?  I cannot open the download skypesetup.msi.

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Re: Where is my contacts list?

Akyll wrote:

To start Skype, tap or click the Skype tile in the Start screen.

There are 3 tabs on the Skype Home screen

1. recent: Displays your recent calls and instant message conversations.

2. favorites: Displays your favorite contacts. You can add contacts to or remove them from the favorites section.

3. people: Displays all your contacts in alphabetical order. When you select people, all of your contacts are displayed.

To see your online contacts versus all contacts, click available. To search for or add a friend as a contact, click the add contact button.

I have been swearing for the last half hour as had no idea how to access contacts from my old version. Was signing in via desktop icon and would never have realised that I neede to use the start menu-you have saved me from a lot more bad language-I am very old so know rather too many swear words in English and other languages.....THANKS!

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Re: Where is my contacts list?

If you can't see contacts in your contact list, follow the instructions below: 

  1. First, make sure you have the latest version of Skype installed.
  2. If you have more than one Skype account, make sure you are signed in with the correct Skype Name.
    • To sign in with a different account, from the menu bar, select Skype > Sign Out and then enter your Skype Name and password.
  3. Check that your contacts are visible:
    • Sign in to Skype and select Contacts > Hide Contacts Who and make sure that all options are unticked. If any option is ticked, click to untick it.
    • Click Contacts > Contact Lists > All to make sure all of your contacts are displayed.
    • If you cannot see your Microsoft Outlook contacts within your Skype contact list, make sure that Outlook is running, then open Skype and click Contacts > Show Outlook Contacts (if this option isn’t ticked already).
    • If you have recently signed in to Skype with a Microsoft account for the first time and can’t see your Messenger buddies in your Skype contact list, wait about half an hour and check them again as it may take some time to synchronize your Skype contact list with Messenger.
If one of my replies has adequately addressed your issue, please click on the “Accept as Solution” button. If you found a post useful then please "Give Kudos" at the bottom of my post, so that this information can benefit others.
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Re: Where is my contacts list?

I bought a new laptop but recognise nothing.  Everything changes.  I want to skype friends - if only I could find my list of contacts.  What is wrong with you people? Surely you should be making it more user friendly ?  Everything I do I need to fill in details, give a new password, download or scan ?  Even my vodacom dongle for internet is not compatible on this machine.  Sorry I spent the money on new technology, it sucks.

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Can't find my contact list

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