File sending removed

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Re: File sending removed

Will this desktop version download be compatible with windows 8, and enable file transfer and receipt....

Mart wrote:

You can download the desktop version of Skype from here:


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Re: File sending removed

I am not sure about that link, but, if you send me your private Email I can give you access to my SkyDrive with the working (under Win desktop version of Skype (approx 30MBytes). It is fully operational and is running on my second (HP) desktop (Win8 Pro x64). Or I can try to attach it here :lol:

Cheers, VladF 

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Re: File sending removed

Just install the IM+ app from the Windows store. Works for me just fine. If I need it for calls the desktop mode is not far away and I still have skype on there. I removed the Windows 8 app. to me - not being able to send files makes skype virtually useless for how I use it. So IM+ for the main use...desktop version for the calls. Until Skype makes a 100% fully functioning skype app for windows 8, I am sticking with IM+

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Re: File sending removed

Yes. It will. Just download the latest full installer of desktop version here:




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Re: File sending removed

You can snap the app window to the left by either dragging the app from the upper top of the screen or by simply pressing the "windows logo" key on your keyboard and "tab" key on your keyboard at the same time and right clicking on the skype app and choosing snap to left/right
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Re: File sending removed

that is completely unacceptable!
microsoft buys skype for 8bio USD

develops win8 for uncounted billions of dollars

you guys had time to worsen our user experience with nag screens and ads all over the place - but you didn't have time to implement file transfer in the latest version?

i hope an alternative to skype will appear soon! this is outragous!!

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Re: File sending removed

File transfer should be available in the next version (1.5) of Skype for Windows 8 which should be available in 1-2 weeks. Until then you can use Skype Desktop version.

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Re: File sending removed

We've added support for file transfer in Skype 1.5 for Windows 8. More information here:

Please always include as many details as possible: Operating system, Skype version, screenshots...
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