Entertainment with voice changer

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Entertainment with voice changer

I am sure you must have seen movies where people do change their voice when making a secret call and if you want to do the same thing during a Skype Call, Skype Voice changer is the app you need to use. This app allows you to change by adding real-time effects like. Whatever you do, don’t change your voice to sound like a girl and fake it to fool other users. That’s not right!...haha, just kidding.

How does this app works ?

It basically connects with Skype and intercepts the audio which is then processed and passed through various filters which you have chosen and is sent back to the Skype.

Features :

  • Supports Multiple Effects together
  • You can put a pause anytime.
  • The change is real-time, so you can change your voice while the call is going on.
  • Detailed settings for each effect i.e. You can change frequency, DB, delay etc.
  • If you are not sure how you will sound like you can choose an audio file and do a couple of test on it. This way you get a preview.
  • Best is to record your own voice and test that file or Use the Skype Echo Test to listen.
  • It is possible to change priority for different sound effects.

How to use this app ?

  • Download it from here and unzip.
  • Look for a file named as SkypeFx.exe, Run it in administrator mode.
  • Next check the effects and test it over an audio file like I said above.
  • Once you are sure, Hit the Skype Icon to connect this app with Skype.
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quality voice changer

I need a quaaaaality voice changer, I see skype has a couple.. I tried the Av gold but there is no support, could not use?

I do need the use of a quality voice changer for  2 or 3 calls , must be a quality voice from man to a female. very important.  need to use on land line phone. can anyone offer a true help, please. I am not too farmiliar with this.  I have a good head set, is that Ok

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Re: quality voice changer

Help me get rid of this!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Entertainment with voice changer

Is this better than AV Voice Changer Software? Cat LOL

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