Skype on Mac causes Overheat

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Skype on Mac causes Overheat

So for about a month now, when I use Skype on my Macbook Pro, I've noticed it causes my laptop to Serriously overheat. I mean to the point of the CPU getting as high as 80 degrees (hot to the touch) while having 2 high RPM (2300) fans from a cooling pad and a normal fan running at a high setting on it. Skype is the ONLY program that does this, not even high-process games cause my computer to overheat to this degree. If left running, skype will crash, I force quit, but when I re-open skype will tell me "Skype is already running" which makes no sense. There has even been an instance where I've had to force shutdown my computer after skype refused to force quit.


If this isn't a problem skype plans on fixing within other patches/releases, could someone point me in the right direction of a heavy-duty cooling pad/system for a 17" MBP? I'm tempted to start duct-taping an ice pack to the computer at this point.

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Re: Skype on Mac causes Overheat

Try an older version it worked for me

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Re: Skype on Mac causes Overheat

I've seen other macbooks do this as well and not just with Skype.  overheat, lock up system resources etc.


I have found a solution that generally works well for me


shutdown, reset SMC, and then IMMEDIATLY before rebooting reset PRAM several times.  


I suspect it's a stuck bit in SMC that keeps getting reloaded after startup into PRAM upon startup.. but can't prove it. 


search if you don't already know how to reset your SMC & PRAM


SMC ( System Management Controller ) is how the Mac controls battery discharge, charge, fan, temp sensors, USB, etc.. ) 

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