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"online" status


I have a problem... I am using mac OS X version 10.6.8

I connect to skype at start up and I would like my computer to stay connected to skype and on "online" status so I can hear skype "ringing" if someone calls me when I am in another room. My problem is that when my computer goes to "sleep", skype changes the status from "online" to "offline", and even when I keep my computer on and connected to the internet with my wireless at home, people that want to contact me say that I am "offline" and the call cannot be completed.

Any ideas to keep my skype "online" 24/7 ?


Thanks for your help!



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Re: "online" status



The problem with allowing your Mac to "sleep" is that OS X will kill all network connections to save the power. While your computer is sleeping, only very essential services are kept on in order to guarantee that you can continue from where you left off.


Unfortunately there is no fix for that besides not letting your computer go to sleep.


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Re: "online" status

I am using window 7 and cannot change my status to on line. I click on status but it remains stuck on do not disturb. I did not click on do not disturb as i only use Skype after arranging with friends and family to come on so we can all chat.


Can you please help me with this. Thank you

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Re: "online" status

I cannot change my on line status. Help!

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Re: "online" status



This is a Mac forum. Please post your question under the Windows forum and you'll have more luck.

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Re: "online" status

who is this

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Re: "online" status

I have Version and I am having trouble staying online when I don't have the application open the entire time meaning I am not on Skype the entire time. If I start browsing, it goes from online to offline, which is really annoying since no-one can reach me. Please help!
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Re: "online" status

My thought is to check your connection to the internet.


When your internet connection is flakey, then Skype can be knocked offline by other applications, I & my partner have done that many times, usually Saturday evening or holidays when the internet is very busy.  Going to a higher quality connection (FTTC now) has greatly reduced the problem.


If the internet connection could be better, connecting to the router with wifi gives a much less reliable connection then a wired / ethernet connection.  I network my computers with homeplugs that use the power supply wiring as the network wiring, they only work on the supply ring they are plugged into, but are a very simple and effective way to create a reliable network.

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Re: "online" status

I cannot change from "Do not disturb" to "on line"  Please help

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