Why does skype give a "Skype Access is not support...

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Why does skype give a "Skype Access is not supported" error? How then can I get online?

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Skype Access

Skype Access is not supported

Your current Wi-Fi network "" does not support Skype access. Please try another public network.

Tip: Skype Access does not work with private or closed networks.



skype Version


This is not "OK." Where is the "I disagree" button? How many networks do you think I have? I am not some rich business. I can't just put in some new network, just because your software doesn't work. skype is a software feature, not a network feature, so stop lying and saying there's something wrong with my network, when I have been streaming YouTube, TWiT, and all sorts of video over it. My internet connection obviously works, so it must be your software that is in error, giving bogus error messages. I have DSL coming to my Mac mini (Mac OS 10.7.2) through Wi-Fi router from at&t.


I have a friend waiting for me to contact her by skype. But