static through my mic, have 3 headsets and this ha...

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static through my mic, have 3 headsets and this happens with all of them. Have tested and retested,

I have 3 sets of headphones with mics, 2 new, and cannot get a clear call...sound is garbled, static and dropped words. Have tested and followed every fix and although my computer says all is working great, it is not. Help?

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Re: static through my mic, have 3 headsets and this happens with all of them. Have tested and retest

I'm not sure all the things you have tried.  One big element of sound quality will be dependent on your Internet bandwidth.  You may want to test your speed out at a site like to make sure you have good upload/download speeds.  If you are doing other bandwidth intensive things, that will play into the quality as well.  Relaying can also affect communication quality.  If your audio device has a mic boost in the advanced audio properties, the mic boost can introduce bad quality audio into the call.  Feedback from anything from your speakers set to high or noisy computer components are also a possibility, even though many of those go away with headsets.  If you are using a 3.5mm headset, you might want to try a USB headset as audio is routed differently.   If you are using a USB headset you may want to ensure you are connected directly do the computer instead of a hub.





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