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Freetalk Connect me adapter reboots during calls

My freetalk connect me adapter has rebooted on several occasions during calls. The call would drop and the LED on the adapter would turn solid red. It would stay red for several minutes, then turn to a flashing green, and finally to solid green. I would then be able to make and receive calls again. I have tried doing a factory reset and also changed electrical outlet. Neither helped. This seems to have started after my unit updated to software version 1.5.x (although I am not absolutely certain). Has anyone else seen this problem?


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Accepted Solution

I wish this solution would have come earlier.

FreeTalk had promised that they would send a replacement adapter to me within 20 days. 20 days came and went with no adapter showing up.  I had to contact FreeTalk to find out that there was a problem with the shipment and that they had decided to credit me back the money instead. The only hint of what was going on was a credit showing up in my checking account. No email, no letter, no phone call.

I still love Skype and I will continue to use them when on my laptop. As far as the FreeTalk adapter and my SkypeIn number ...I switched to Vonage. Once FreeTalk works out all the bugs with the adapter and improves their customer service I will consider  switching back.

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