Re: 4.0 Update: We Heard You

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Re: Where is latest free Android Skype version number held?

@igounfazed - thank you for the screen shots.  Much appreciated.


@immediate - Here's how it works on my Galaxy S2.  First, disable wifi so that you don't get an accidental update.  Next, go to global settings for play and set auto update to wifi only.


Next, bring up the Skype app in play.  Bring up settings (left button).  There should be an "auto update" checkbox and it will be checked.  Uncheck it.


Then turn wifi back on.

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Re: 4.0 Update: We Heard You

Ugh!  Completely uninstalled 4.0; installed 3.2 and STILL no sound!

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Re: 4.0 Update: We Heard You

Superb that at long last there's a "sign out" link. 

It would be really useful to be able to search for contacgts though.

And it would be good to see all Android Contacts with phone numbrs, from within Skype.

None the less, thank you for the Sign Out.

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Re: 4.0 Update: We Heard You

this is my android mobile mega 6.3.I can't install skype. showing error code -24.can you tell me how to solve the problem.
Posted from Samsung GT-I9200
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Re: 4.0 Update: We Heard You

I am on a desktop PC running Windows 7.  Anytime I try to call out to a phone #, the call connects and immediately disconnects?

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Re: 4.0 Update: We Heard You

I know this thread gets a hit from time to time, so an update is in order.


The fix provided within this thread of downloading and installing an older version of Skype will no longer be viable.


Skype is activiely seeking any users running an old version of Skype and blocking them from the Skype network, forcing you to update.


:sad: day! <<

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