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Samsung Galaxy S4 issue (Notification sound, answer call button switched)

Maker Samsung

Device Samsung Galaxy S4

Model SCH-1545

Android Version 4.2.2

Carrier Verizon

Skype version


Issue 1a

Skype will only make an audible notification for the first message a person sends may any later messages will not be heard until I go in and read the first message I got, please enable it to notify for every message or at least give the option to have an audible notification after each message. (I am not always at phone and do not always look if I have a message  when I get back, or it is noisy and do not hear it and it would be really annoying if I had to keep checking phone to see if I missed one). Going to the notification page and clearing does not suffice the requirement of reading the message, the Skype application must be opened to do it.


Issue 1b

The application will only make an audible noise if the application is minimized (using something else on phone besides Skype) even if the screen is off and locked it will make no noise if you locked it from the Skype page.


Issue 2

When I receive a call on Skype the accept call button is on the right side right over the end call button, on my previous phone (droid incredible 2) it was on the left side.  With it placed on the right side it is possible to pick up a call and end a call buy accidently hitting it twice (very annoying)


Issue 3

I have had a few occasions where I had to unlock phone (enter pin) and then was able to answer a call instead of having the answer call appear over the unlock  screen so no pin was needed.  Though this does not happen all of the time.


Issue 4

Emoticons are tiny



I was able to install a previous version of Skype from my old phone (Skype version and install it on my new phone which allowed me to compare the different models with the same software, issue 1 seems to be gone, though issues 2,3,4 still remain. (used an apk extractor to extract it from my old phone to be sure the same exact software was used)


I hope this information helps with figuring out the issues.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 issue (Notification sound, answer call button switched)

I hav Galaxy S4 with Skype V - I cannot make or receive any calls - If I make a call it immediately tells me NO ANSWER and clears.  If they try to call me, it shows BUSY and I cannot receive.  I can send messages but apart from that, Skype is totally useless to me on the mobile at present.  Any ideas?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 issue (Notification sound, answer call button switched)

I've been having the EXACT same problem, I don't know what to do.
Posted from Google Nexus 4
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 issue (Notification sound, answer call button switched)

I had the exact same problem with a certain MOB, however, I have solved by installing the previous version which was, after then I have updated and now everything is perfect.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 issue (Notification sound, answer call button switched)

This is shameful, please give us the right to choose the sound of notifications!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 issue (Notification sound, answer call button switched)


Hi Rafaelkafka,


I had a problem similar to yours with Skype 4.5. Reverting to this more reliable older Skype version, resolved the problem for many of us with smart-phones. Others, usually with tablets, reported that Skype, better suited their needs. If you have a smart-phone, tap the link of the former Skype, or the latter if you have a tablet. If your first choice does not meet your needs, the other would be worth trying.


Before tapping the downloaded apk file to install the selected Skype, uninstall the current Skype, disable the Play Store “Auto-update apps” option, and enable the Android Settings (from) “Unknown sources” option. Once installed, disable the “Unknown sources” option. Be sure to try any future Skype release, indicated by a change of release date on the Google Play Store Skype “UPDATE” page. If the new Skype is unsatisfactory, revert to the older Skype using the saved apk file.


You can choose an even earlier Skype version if you feel that this would be beneficial. To date. I have not experienced any security problems with any of the above web links. Please be sure to post another reply to let me know how you go with the installation. I should be able to help you if you encounter difficulties.


If you have not already done so, you should create a good Android issue report here to help Skype improve future versions. I am sure that a Private Message to Claudius, letting him know where your report is, would be a nice surprise, and really make his day


Regards, BGW.514


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